Hey I'm Autumn i'm 22, I love taking pictures and blogging about anything that passes my mind. I am that girl that is still trying to find herself. So follow me and lets be friends

Stay true to yourself

  • Always remember smile today and cry tomorrow. Tell yourself that every day! <3

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So its been a while, I’ve noticed a lot of people have unfollowed me. Don’t blame them! I have been gone, busy, just living life. Well trying to anyways. Work work work. Vegas in the summer. Trying to find myself. Its all closing in on me and beginning to all look up in the end. I finally met someone! He actually cares about me and doesnt expect anything from me, like some of my past that stopped talking just because they had one thing on their mind. I just really love life right now and i wouldnt change it. Well most of it. I wish i could change some things but ya know it takes time. My anxiety still takes a huge tole on me and i hate it. It prevents me from doing things i wish i could do, like ya know maybe be myself for once. I am a bubbly person but sometimes its hidden till i get to know the person and they just dont give me the time of day to show it. This year so far has been great! and its yet to get better! I plan on moving, meeting new people. Yeah it will be sad to leave all this behind but sometimes you have to do whats best for you and no one else. Thats my motto. 

So I want to be here more i actually miss venting to people that listen (well read) So Follow me and i just might follow back.

Something has changed about me. I am still trying to figure it out. I see past the haters and i’m just not use to this new me that i have become. Its actually not a bad thing to look at the good and forget the past. New year new me. Forget what others think I will live life the way i want to.

Read it!

Ya know what? so what if my thighs touch maybe they like to be close. I am no longer ashamed for having curves call me what you want i have grown as a person. Thanks! By the way… Sorry if i dont follow you back right away sometimes it doesnt show me. But follow me on twitter as well. @autumng20 

That moment

So I just want to write this to thank everyone. I have literally broke out of this shell i have been in for so long, well i’m not quite all out of my shell. But i feel a little better about myself. Not as scared. And Damon Aka deefizzy following him has made me realize that i was not alone. And i hope he knows he is not alone either. One day i wish he would have a conversation with me. It would be so cool to connect with him, and hopefully he will see me as a friend and not as just a viewer because i am much more than that. 

So Damon what do ya say?!

They!!!! You! Follow me

So uhhh follow me on twitter @autumng20